HCA Midwest Health - November 10, 2017

It’s smart to question, research and be concerned about your health and care. Many life-saving innovations with great benefits may also have some risks. But as we continue to research and technology advances, the benefits increase and the risks decrease.

CT scans are a great tool, both for diagnosis and for monitoring an ongoing disease like cancer. CT scans take multiple X-ray images that are processed to provide cross-section images (slices) of your body or its tissues. They are used to view injuries, growths and plan treatment, like targeting radiation for cancer.

CT scans can show the body much better and in greater detail than conventional X-rays do. Studies show that the radiation from CT scans may increase a risk for cancer by a tiny amount, but that risk is much less than not diagnosing a condition for lack of the scan. It’s a good idea to always discuss and weigh your options, their benefits and risks with your doctor.

Getting the right diagnosis and using the safest technology, is important to our doctors and us. That’s why HCA Midwest Health is working to get the most from CT scans, while using the least amount of radiation possible. Belton Regional Medical Center has just added a new high-definition 128-slice CT scanner to its emergency room. The advanced capabilities of this CT scan means it can often provide all the information a doctor needs for confident diagnoses without additional testing, even in the presence of conditions that challenge conventional CT equipment (like high heart rate).

Doctors can use the 128-slice CT scan for body, vascular, musculoskeletal and cardiac scans for patients of all ages. This advanced scanner can create images with more detail, while using lower levels of radiation. The lowered levels of radiation are especially important for people who have follow-up scans and children.

CT scans are one of the best tools of modern medicine. Our doctors use them when needed and use them when they know the benefits far outweigh the risks. With this new scanner available at Belton Regional, those risks for our patients have been lowered even more.