HCA Midwest Health - January 25, 2021

Every year, women aged 40 and over should have a screening mammogram. Mammograms detect cancer early and have been shown to decrease the chance of death due to breast cancer. Regardless of your risk or your health, a mammogram needs to be part of your yearly physical. Do these excuses look familiar?

I don't have time for a mammogram.

Yes you do! Our hospitals have evening and Saturday hours during October to help accommodate your schedule. Some even have walk-in time available! Don’t hesitate to call and find time that works for you – we’ll be flexible and fast. Better yet, schedule the same day as your annual pap and pelvic, and you’ll be done for the whole year.

I don't have the energy for a mammogram.

You don't need it! Our hospitals are located across the Kansas City metro area so that you can get there quickly, get parked conveniently, get in, get out and get on with your day. It’s easy to schedule an early or lunch appointment with our imaging services, and remember – all you have to do is show up. We do all the work.

I don't have the money for a mammogram.

Sure you do! Almost all major insurance plans have preventive service coverage, and since our hospitals accept all major insurance plans, we’ll help you verify that your mammogram is covered. Even if you don’t have insurance, most mammograms cost less than a trip to the salon. Isn’t it worth it?

I'm afraid of it!

Don't be scared! Bring a couple of friends with you to Muffins & Mammograms – all of you can have breakfast, get screened and support each other’s health. Maybe it’s time for your daughter or sister to get screened, too. If you like, we’ll take the time to show you the whole process, start to finish. Just give us a call.

It will hurt.

No pain here! Several HCA Midwest Health hospitals use Bella Blankets® with every mammogram. These soft pads add cushion without interfering with the image. We take great care in ensuring that your mammogram is as comfortable and painless as possible. Mammograms have come a long way in the last twenty years – you’ll be surprised.

I'm not at risk for breast cancer.

Some people who get breast cancer have no risk factors. Some people who don’t get breast cancer have all of the risk factors. It’s hard to tell whether or not you’ll get breast cancer – but a mammogram is the first step to detection. Starting at age 40, you should have a mammogram every year: early detection means faster treatment.

I'm too young.

No you're not! If you or your doctor has found a suspicious lump during a breast exam at any age, it’s time to have it looked at. Age 40 is the general rule of thumb to start having yearly mammograms, but if you or your doctor feels for any reason you should have one sooner, now’s the time!

I don't have enough "there" to have screened.

Breast cancer doesn't distinguish between size, shape or even gender (yes, men can get breast cancer). No matter who you are, or what you have, annual mammograms help detect issues early and decrease the chance of death due to breast cancer. Isn’t that enough?