Telemedicine has changed the way healthcare is delivered. It allows quick access no matter where you or a doctor are located. Medical providers are able to evaluate, diagnose and treat a person they are unable to see in person via online video call.

HCA Midwest Health is at the forefront of telehealth. We provide various options for you to conveniently get the care you need, as well as bringing specialist to rural communities outside the KC metro. Whether you have a one time health concern and don’t have the time to make an in-person appointment, or would like to consult with your regular doctor, we have options to suit your needs.

Primary care physicians and medical specialists

Many of our Kansas City doctors, specialty physicians and advanced medical providers now offer online medical appointments in addition to in-person visits. This service allows you to see YOUR doctor without having to leave your home. Simply call your doctor or use our physician finder and call to schedule an online appointment. Insurance is accepted.

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CareNow Urgent Care

CareNow Urgent Care clinics now offer the option to see a Kansas City medical provider via an online health visit. Virtual urgent care visits are only available for certain conditions and during normal clinic hours. Insurance is accepted.

Virtual visits check-in

24/7 Care Navigator and virtual visits

We realize medical issues rarely happen at convenient times. That is why we offer 24/7 virtual health visits. Just answer a few questions about your medical condition and our online Care Navigator will let you know if you can be treated via a virtual visit and connect you within minutes. If you are unable to be treated via an online medical provider, Care Navigator will recommend the best care setting for you.

Online triage is free of charge. Virtual visits are only $25 for a limited time.

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Telehealth for outreach care

Telehealth is also used to give people in rural areas quick access to specialists while keeping them close to home. These services are utilized in inpatient, outpatient and emergency settings.

Outpatient specialty telehealth

Outpatient telemedicine allows people in rural communities to have consults with medical specialists while remaining in their local clinic. This means patients only have to travel to Kansas City when absolutely necessary.

Inpatient telehealth

If a rural hospital does not have a particular specialist on staff, telemedicine can be used to help facilitate treatment. One of our specialists is able to beam-in and talk to the patient as well as the doctors and nurses and help them through the appropriate treatment.

Emergency telehealth

Telehealth is also used to help treat patients in emergency situations. Physicians at rural emergency rooms are able to connect with our specialist to help make decisions that can be critical to patient outcomes. Telehealth can help patients receive expedient care and ensure seamless transfer if needed.