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Decoding a heart attack from an anxiety attack, otherwise known as a panic attack, can be a tough mystery to solve. It is possible to have chest pain from anxiety or from a heart attack. It’s surprising how similar both conditions can feel and how many symptoms they have in common. But every second counts when solving a mystery and avoiding heart damage. That’s why it is so important to learn the possible symptoms and call 911 immediately if the clues exist.

Panic Attack and Heart Attack Symptoms

Anxiety attacks are not life threatening but can significantly affect your quality of life. They are a sudden and intense feeling of fear that can trigger physical symptoms. They can even occur when there is no real reason or danger and can last for minutes or up to an hour.

Heart attacks are life threatening. And because of how similar many the symptoms can be, you should always play it safe and head to the emergency room for an expert medical evaluation.

Heart Disease Risk Assessment

For both conditions, symptoms can vary by person and incidence. Some possible signs include:

SymptomPanic AttackHeart Attack
Chest pain or discomfort
Racing heart
Shortness of breath
Dizziness or lightheadedness
Fear of impending doom
Sweating or chills
Muscle tension or headache
Pain in one or both arms
Pain in the jaw, back, shoulders, neck or upper stomach
Abdominal cramping

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If you are exhibiting any signs of a heart attack, it is always better to seek an expert medical evaluation –quickly. With 11 emergency room locations, we offer the area’s largest network of award-winning, accredited chest pain centers. We open up clogged arteries for heart attack patients faster than any other hospital in the KC area. This improves your chance of surviving a heart attack by more than 35 percent.

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With HCA Midwest Health, you will never have to travel far for cutting-edge heart care. With many locations throughout the Kansas City area, you are always close to expert diagnosis, treatment and management for any heart or vascular condition.

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Treatment for Panic Attacks

Anxiety can impact every aspect of a person’s life—from productivity at work or school, to family and social life. Research Psychiatric Center (RPC), located in Kansas City, offers outpatient programs for those struggling with emotional issues. Our experts use proven methods to help individuals get back to a place where they can live satisfying and productive lives.

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