HCA Midwest Health - March 01, 2021

The process of giving birth is more-or-less the same as it’s been since the beginning of humanity. But as our understanding of the human body has changed, so have our social attitudes about how best to support a new mom (and her partner) during labor and delivery.

At HCA Midwest Health, we’ve delivered more babies than anyone else in the area, so we know what’s important to moms. Our expert doctors and holistic approach have made childbirth safer than at any other time in history. What does that holistic approach mean? It means that we give moms what they want, providing care for both the physical and emotional aspects of labor and delivery. We combine the best of modern medicine and nature’s wisdom to customize a birthing experience that’s right for you.

Take a look at just a few of the ways we’ve integrated the art and science of birth.

Spa Tubs

When it comes to easing labor pains, epidurals are not your only option. Many women find that soaking in a warm tub greatly reduces the pain of contractions, which helps them rest and relax when they need it most. This may help achieve a smoother, easier delivery. Bonus: In some cases, tub time may allow partners to participate in pain reduction by giving mom-to-be a massage.

Mood Lighting & Playlist

Studies have shown that ambient lighting and sound have a strong influence on your mood — and the more relaxed and comfortable you are during labor, the easier your delivery is likely to be. That’s why some of our birth centers offer gentle mood lighting and customizable music options, so that you can set the tone of your delivery suite however you’d like. You can even build your own Spotify playlist ahead of time and bring it with you.

Partner Beds

Gone are the days when your partner would be banished to the waiting room or stuck trying to sleep upright in uncomfortable vinyl chairs. We offer your partner a bed right beside yours — so that at least one of you can get some rest before the big moment!

Board-Certified Doctors

What does “board-certified” mean, anyway? It means that your doctor has gone above and beyond medical licensure, and has demonstrated “exceptional expertise in a particular specialty.”* Our doctors are board-certified and fellowship-trained in caring for both new moms and babies, including multiple births and high-risk births.


For many women with low-risk pregnancies, delivering with the help of a midwife may be an ideal option. HCA Midwest Health offers the region’s largest network of board-certified nurse-midwives. Your midwife’s goal is to support a healthy, natural birth with minimal intervention, but each midwife is prepared to administer medications, perform medical procedures and provide other support as needed. And if your midwife decides to call in extra help, a physician specialist will be just down the hall.

Advanced Care

85 to 90 percent of babies never need a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). But when you’re planning your delivery, you don’t want reassuring statistics. You want an advanced support team standing by at all times, prepared to spring into action just in case. Although you’ll likely never need them, that’s exactly what we have: dedicated specialists available 24/7, ready with Level II and III NICUs.

Hospitalist On-Site

You’ve planned the birth perfectly … down to which doctor or midwife will be present. But baby has other plans! Not to worry — our physicians are ready and waiting if it turns out that your chosen doctor or midwife can’t make it in time. In some cases, a hospitalist may be available. The hospitalist is an expert ObGyn who is always on-site and can step in at a moment’s notice. Every birth plan should include a backup, and we have yours.

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*American Board of Medical Specialties.