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Cancer Stories

Posted on: 01/12/2021
patient testimonial by Christina McGinnis

Christina McGinnis

Christina McGinnis doesn’t consider herself an avid sports fan, but she does have a personal definition of a teammate. So when McGinnis was diagnosed with Stage 1b breast cancer on November 4, 2010, she knew her oncologist needed to be the type of doctor to suit up and show up. » Read more about Christina McGinnis

patient testimonial by Diane Hudson Hoch

Diane Hudson Hoch

"I had bigger things on my mind with Tammy's diagnosis and treatment plan. So, on December 21st it was a surprise to hear that I also had breast cancer. All of a sudden I am a support system and the patient." » Read more about Diane Hudson Hoch

patient testimonial by Kayla Goff

Kayla Goff

Kayla Goff woke up at 2am with shooting pains that were stabbing down the left side of her chest and back “My mind was racing,” Goff said. “I thought maybe I pulled something while juggling breast-pump, and baby, and pillows.” Three hours later, Goff’s doctor advised her to go to the emergency room to check for a possible blood clot. » Read more about Kayla Goff

patient testimonial by Kent Truan

Kent Truan

Kent Truan, a wheat farmer in Russell, Kansas, knew that one day he might need to see an oncologist. The protein levels in his blood had been rising for a few years, but in 2018 his community doctor thought it was time for him to see a specialist. Kent’s local oncologist diagnosed him with multiple myeloma and reached out to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health. » Read more about Kent Truan

patient testimonial by Lisa King

Lisa King

Ron King’s wife, Lisa, died three weeks before the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary. During the last 10 months of her life, Ron recalls that, despite the progression and subsequent effects of the disease, his wife lived with dignity and had many moments of grace » Read more about Lisa King

patient testimonial by Missy


Like many women diagnosed with breast cancer, Missy, age 52 from Olathe, Kansas, remembers the exact moment she received her diagnosis. “It was June 2014 and my husband, youngest daughter and I were taking a beach vacation and were on our way to meet our oldest daughter,” Missy says. “We were an hour away from town when I received a call from the surgeon. I recall saying matter-of-factly, ‘So, it’s cancer this time.’” » Read more about Missy

patient testimonial by Patient Stories Breast

Patient Stories Breast

Hear testimonials from HCA Midwest Health patients who sought prevention and/or treatment of breast cancer. » Read more about Patient Stories Breast

patient testimonial by Peggy Hayson

Peggy Hayson

It was July 2008 and Peggy Hayson’s cancer story started as it does for many women—after a shower, when they notice something that doesn’t look quite right. In Peggy's instance her mammogram was five years overdue so she made an appointment at Lafayette Regional Health Center. » Read more about Peggy Hayson

patient testimonial by Thelma


Thelma, age 64 from Kansas City, Missouri was diagnosed with Stage II triple-positive breast cancer in 2014. Now, two years following her diagnosis, Thelma is visiting Dr. Rokkam every three months and has a mammogram twice a year. » Read more about Thelma

Posted on: 01/12/2021

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