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Geriann Boyd

Geriann Boyd
Posted on: 08/25/2021

In August of 2019, 33 year-old Geriann began to have very severe sciatic nerve pain that was interfering with her everyday life. Normally an active person who enjoys going on walks with her dogs, Gracie and Murphy, Geriann could hardly get out of bed.

“I have always been healthy and active so this was something new to me. I had so much discomfort, and I had never felt anything quite like this before,” recalls Geriann.

Under the care of her Primary Care Physician (PCP), Geriann exhausted nearly every option to prevent surgery and relieve the pain, including muscle relaxers, pain medication, two different rounds of steroid injections and physical therapy. As a last resort, Geriann’s PCP ordered an MRI.

The MRI showed that a disc in Geriann’s lower back was pinching her sciatic nerve. Although she was still in pain, Geriann was relieved that finally she had an answer.

Geriann’s PCP referred her to an anesthesiologist who gave her epidural injections in her lower back. After receiving multiple epidural injections, she was feeling better, but was still experiencing pain.

Finally, her PCP referred her to neurosurgeon Dr. Matthew Pierson who performed a minimally invasive discectomy at L5/S1.

“When I met Dr. Pierson, he was so sincere and kind. I felt cared for and like he really was interested in my story and helping me figure out a solution. Referring me to Dr. Pierson was the best thing my PCP ever did,” said Geriann, “I have never regretted my decision to have the procedure done and I never will. Not only is Dr. Pierson a wonderful human being, he also helped me get my life back, and for that, I will be forever grateful to him.”

Geriann Boyd
Posted on: 08/25/2021

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