Primary care physicians in Lexington, MO

Lafayette Regional Health Center is home to primary care providers with specialties in many areas. Primary care includes situations where you need to see a doctor, but your condition isn’t an emergency.

What is a primary care doctor?

Primary care is your first defense against illnesses, injuries and conditions. A primary care doctor is trained to diagnose and treat illnesses ranging from the common cold to asthma and Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Examples of primary care physicians include family practice doctors and internal medicine doctors. Children will usually have a pediatrician as their primary care provider.

Primary care doctors review your medical history for signs of more serious problems, refer you to specialists and coordinate your treatment options. They also communicate with your specialists to make sure you are receiving the best possible care.

Primary care services

Lafayette Regional Health Center offers primary care services in and around Lexington, MO, through its three physician practices:

These clinics are affiliated with Lafayette Regional Health Center. This means you have access to all the resources the hospital has to offer, including advanced imaging, physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgical services and more.

Some of the services the clinics offer include:

  • Annual exams, vaccinations and well visits
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Lab testing
  • Minor emergencies, illnesses and injury care
  • Wound care
  • Pregnancy and newborn care

The clinics have same and next-day appointments as well as appointments on Saturdays and in the evening.