Kidney services transplant in Kansas City

The Transplant Institute at the Research Medical Center has a nationally recognized kidney transplant program. We are the only institution to offer the greater Kansas City a simultaneous pancreas/kidney transplant procedure, where both organs are replaced at the same time, resulting in even better outcomes for our patients.

For more information about our transplant services, call (800) 386-9355.

Transplant patient apartment

We understand that any type of surgery can be overwhelming, and that you deserve to have your loved ones close by to support you through your operation and recovery. That’s why we have apartments exclusively for transplant patients and family members located conveniently on the hospital's main campus.. These apartments are for people who have traveled from out of town and prefer to stay close by during pre-transplant testing or transplant surgery. All reservations must be made in advance, and the apartment is only for pre- or post-transplant patients and their families. Contact your transplant coordinator for more information or to make reservations.

Living donor program

Becoming a living donor of a kidney is a serious commitment, but it is one that truly changes lives for the better. If you are interested in giving the gift of life, we invite you to learn more about the living kidney donor program in our videos below:

Sign up to be a living donor

If you are interested in becoming a living donor, please let us know by filling out our quick online health questionnaire that lets our team know more about you. Click the link below to get started and save a life.

Living Kidney Donor Application