Rehabilitation specialists in Kansas City

When you have an injury or illness that requires rehabilitation, you can trust the physical, occupational, speech, and rehabilitation (rehab) specialists at Research Medical Center in Kansas City. We provide a variety of individualized rehab and outpatient services to maximize our patients' independence, mobility and quality of life.

Compassionate inpatient rehabilitative care

Inpatient rehab care, also known as hospital-level or acute rehab care, helps patients recover from serious medical conditions, surgeries and injuries. This sophisticated level of care is not available in other settings, such as nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers and extended care centers.

We combine the latest technologies with a unique, transdisciplinary team approach to create a progressive and effective program. We always involve the patient and family, physicians and therapists in each step of the recovery process.

To help our patients do the things they want to do most, we address each individual's traits, passions and values. We strive to restore patients so that they may live a full, independent life.

The experienced healthcare professionals in our inpatient rehab unit help patients recover from severe health conditions, such as heart attack, stroke and trauma. Our inpatient program offers:

  • 24-hour nursing supervision with physician oversight
  • A continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs
  • An intensive therapy program, offered five to six days a week, three hours per day, scheduled in 30- to 60-minute sessions


The 2020 Patient Safety Excellence Award recognizes Research Medical Center for superior performance in preventing the occurrence of serious, potentially avoidable complications for patients during hospital stays.

Inpatient recovery in a comfortable atmosphere

Our inpatient unit offers spacious treatment areas, private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a lounge for gatherings. All of these amenities contribute to a comfortable rehab experience.

Our rehab specialists use state-of-the-art rehab technologies in a home-like setting. Inpatient rehab includes:

  • A complete simulation apartment
  • A fitness center
  • Virtual reality exercise technology

Our rehab specialties

Research Medical Center offers comprehensive physical therapy and rehab services, which includes education, training and support every step of the way. We offer dynamic, personalized treatment plans that encompass the following rehab therapies.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy involves a variety of methods, including exercise, balance training and manual therapy, to help patients meet their goals and improve their strength, function, mobility and fitness. Our physical therapists work with doctors to provide rehab services and meet our patients' unique needs.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy uses adaptive equipment, exercise, manual therapy, and sensorimotor training to improve the skills needed for daily activities and self-care. Our occupational therapists guide and instruct patients with physical and developmental issues to help them learn how to live independently.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy is used to help patients with speech, cognitive, communication and swallowing disorders. Our speech-language pathologists offer individualized treatments to improve speaking, understanding, reading, writing and swallowing abilities.

At the Voice and Swallowing Care Center, we provide specialized, advanced equipment to evaluate voice and swallowing disorders. Our speech-language pathologists also work with ear, nose and throat physicians (otolaryngologists) to perform evaluations and treat a wide range of conditions.

Outpatient therapy

We offer specialized rehab programs to help patients recover mentally and physically from certain disorders, diseases and conditions.

Bone and joint rehab

As part of our comprehensive orthopedic treatment program, we offer bone and joint rehab for foot and ankle disorders and hand and upper extremity conditions, such as arthritis and wrist and elbow fractures.

Cancer rehab

As part of our oncology program, we offer cancer-focused rehab to help patients with cancer or recovering from cancer improve their physical functioning and overall wellness. Our cancer rehab specialists provide individualized support and treatment, which can encompass a variety of rehab specialties.

Hand therapy

Hand rehabilitation combines several disciplines in order to return maximum function to everyday activities following an injury. Our team of dedicated, highly-trained and certified hand therapists offer patients comprehensive knowledge of rehabilitation best practices, as well as specialized skills in advanced surgical procedures, rehab management and the creation of custom braces. Whether you have endured a fracture, sprain, dislocation, or are living with arthritis or nerve injuries, our therapists provide active inpatient treatment, while also designing home therapy plans catered to individual needs.

Stroke rehab

As part of HCA Midwest's stroke treatment program, we are committed and equipped to help patients recover from stroke and neurological conditions. The TIA Clinic at Research Medical Center offers inpatient and outpatient stroke rehab, which may combine physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Getting to our rehab centers

Research Medical Center Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility is located on our main Research Medical Center campus. However, our outpatient therapy is offered through our Brookside facility. The address is:

6675 Holmes Road
Kansas City, Missouri