HCA Midwest Health
October 14, 2014

Clinical trials, also known as medical research studies, are carefully designed tests of medicines and treatment options under the supervision of a physician. These studies rely on people, called study participants, to try the new medicine or treatment that may have fewer side effects, or provide an effective treatment that is better than the one currently in use.

Who oversees clinical trials?

Clinical trials must follow strict rules set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and each trial must be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB)—a group of both medical and non-medical community members responsible for protecting the study participants and making sure that the study complies with the law.

Why should I enroll in a clinical trial?

Being in a clinical trial gives you the opportunity to receive therapy that may be more effective or better tolerated than therapies that are currently on the market. Another benefit to enrolling in a clinical trial is that it gives you the opportunity to help future generations with the same disease. Every treatment and drug that is currently used had its beginnings with clinical trials, with patients who were willing to help science find new and better ways to treat disease.

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