This summer is anything but normal — there’s the absence of concerts, spectator sporting events, festivals and even gatherings with friends and family. We all long to find joy in the traditions of the season — like taking a swim.

But with many city pools closed, lots of parents are turning to affordable pop-up, inflatable pools. Those may sound fun, but many are placing the pools, which still pose a danger for drowning, in their unfenced yards and not supervising young swimmers. There are backyard in-ground or above-ground pools which also pose risks for kids drowning and getting hurt.

And is it even safe with the threat of COVID to have people swimming in your pop-up or in-ground swimming oasis?

Dr. Eric Peters, board-certified pediatric intensivist and pediatric medical director, Overland Park Regional Medical Center Pediatric Center, shares some advice, dangers and tips for safe and fun swimming in pop-ups and other private pools this summer. Learn more about the pediatric ERs in Kansas City.