Two Kansas City media outlets highlighted the deep bond formed among trauma patient Karla O’Malley’s family members and Research Medical Center ICU nurse Tiffany Young and other caregivers. Following Karla’s passing, Tiffany made keepsakes for family members to remember Karla.

“The gift was the least I could do for them! They really are such a special family. I work with some really amazing nurses and I truly think any of them would have done the same.”

“Tiffany is living proof that there are so many kind souls out there - just like mom," said Megan. "I don’t even know where to begin about mom’s care team at Research Medical Center, especially the nurses. They weren’t just there for a job. They were on the frontlines with us, listening to stories about mom, crying with us, translating complicated medical speak, grabbing us tissues after receiving the many blows of bad news. They even spent time french-braiding mom’s hair. We weren’t just a patient’s family and they weren’t just on the clock. We were humans sharing a horrendous experience together, but finding things to laugh at and showing each other the best of humanity. I guess that’s what happens when you spend 36 days together in a small ICU room.”

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