Thanks to the heroic actions of First Responders, Amy’s life was saved after being hit by a drunk driver while walking in her neighborhood.  The 47-year old nurse sustained massive injuries, even losing pluses in the field.  She was immediately resuscitated and transported to Overland Park Regional Medical Center, a Level II Trauma Center.

The hospital’s trauma team continued Amy’s treatment, performing multiple surgeries. Remarkably, only after two weeks in the ICU, she was transferred to a stepdown unit. Shortly after, Amy was discharged to Menorah Medical Center for inpatient rehabilitation.

Today, Amy has miraculously resumed her life, including a full-time job as a psychiatric nurse and spending time with her family.

“While many ghosts of the injuries I sustained will likely linger with me for the rest of my life, I have gained a deep sense of gratitude for the time that wasn’t taken,” said Amy, now 50 years old. “I can still get on the floor with my grandchildren to read books. I can cook, walk, and play with my family. I am back to work full-time as a nurse. I live a far more normal life than anyone could have imagined, and for that I am very thankful.”

“Great Save events allow us to recognize the remarkable, collaborative efforts made each day in delivering high-quality, compassionate healthcare to trauma patients like Amy,” said Overland Park Regional Medical Center CEO Matt Sogard. “Overland Park Regional Medical Center is fortunate to be part of an exceptional and dedicated team of EMS professionals, first responders and others who are committed to working tirelessly to save lives and who seamlessly collaborate with our critical care and medical teams.”