For many patients - especially women, undergoing cancer treatments, certain chemotherapy drugs can cause a big change in appearance. But a therapy originally approved for breast cancer patients can now help people fighting other forms of the disease.

Scalp cooling has been used in one form or another for the past few years to help some cancer patients preserve hair, but those devices were limited to certain patients with breast cancer only.

But Menorah Medical Center was the first hospital in the region that set out to change this!

And when Nancy Ash began chemotherapy treatment at Sarah Cannon at Menorah Medical Center this December, she had a full head of hair, she didn't have to worry so much. In fact, weeks following her final treatment, her hair was still beautiful.

Ash's oncologist, Dr. Stephanie Graff, M.D.- a board-certified physician who specializes in hematology-oncology -used DigniCap, recognized as the most scientifically advanced FDA-approved scalp-cooling treatment for chemotherapy-induced hair loss available. They both visited with KSHB's Richard Sharp to share more about this powerful and meaningful technology.

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