HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s largest healthcare provider, unveiled the newly renovated Midwest Perinatal Associates on April 12. The office features four state-of-the-art patient rooms and a 4D OB/GYN ultrasound machine that provides advanced imaging technology to help detect complex fetal anomalies earlier than before. The space also allows for expanded patient capacity and has an onsite genetic counselor.

Formerly Midwest Maternal Fetal Medicine Physicians, the practice honors their 30-year legacy with Overland Park Regional Medical Center by relocating to the campus and changing its name back to Midwest Perinatal Associates. Patients are also seen at practice locations on the Menorah Medical Center and Centerpoint Medical Center campuses, part of HCA Midwest Health. Midwest Perinatal Associates is comprised of the region’s most experienced team of highly specialized maternal-fetal medicine experts who provide high-risk expectant mothers with a heightened level of observation and care.

“We are thrilled to offer this expanded Midwest Perinatal Associates location to our community members so high-risk expectant mothers have greater access to our world-class maternal-fetal medicine experts and services,” said Matt Sogard, FACHE, CEO of Overland Park Regional Medical Center. “It’s truly an honor to build upon our nearly 30-year legacy of caring for our community. And this state-of-the-art practice will ensure we’re able to provide the high-quality maternal-fetal medicine care that our patients have come to expect from us for years to come.”

The Overland Park Regional Medical Center Fetal Health Center and dedicated antepartum unit provides superior care for high-risk pregnancies. If a child is born early or with another type of health concern, the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) allows mother and baby to receive advanced care, all in the same hospital.

“Having the Midwest Perinatal Associates team on the Overland Park Regional Medical Center campus, just steps away from such specialized programs and facilities as the Fetal Health Center, Ronald McDonald Family Room, Antepartum, Labor and Delivery Unit and the NICU, allows our teams to provide families with a heightened level of observation and care under one roof,” said Jessica Parrott, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. “We collaborate with every primary OB to provide specialized care that addresses every patient’s unique needs, and this new location will allow us continue providing the most advanced, comprehensive care to moms and their babies.”

High-risk pregnancy: a mother’s story

A pregnancy is considered high risk when the mother or fetus’s life is threatened because of a situational circumstance, pregestational condition or conditions occurring because of the pregnancy. Some pregnancies are determined high risk from the beginning. For others, like Kristen Lester, a condition develops during the gestational period that makes the pregnancy high risk. Diagnosed with

fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia just after 20 weeks, Lester was monitored several times weekly by Dr. Parrott for most of her pregnancy. At 34 weeks Lester developed severe symptoms of preeclampsia and required delivery.

“Dr. Parrott and her team were remarkable,” said Lester, who was referred to Midwest Perinatal Associates at Overland Park Regional Medical Center by her OB/GYN. “The coordinated care she provided with my OB/GYN was seamless – they did what was best for me and my baby, allowing me to stay pregnant for as long as I did. Dr. Parrott was extremely compassionate, taking time for me to check in with her on my blood pressure every night for weeks. And she was fearless, making difficult decisions for me when I couldn’t.

“My husband Ryan and I are so grateful for the expert care and guidance we received during a stressful time and after Emerson’s birth last November. Until you’re in a situation that requires it, you don’t realize how critical it is to receive specialized care.”

Later this year, Overland Park Regional Medical Center will unveil a $17 million women’s services renovation that will provide new, state-of-the-art antepartum, labor and delivery, and postpartum suites, an investment to help build healthier tomorrows for Johnson County residents.

HCA Midwest Health delivers more babies than anyone else in the region. Find more information about Overland Park Regional Medical Center and its high-risk pregnancy services.