Help A HERO!
Please Donate To Missouri Hospital Employees

This year’s devastating tornados and floods — compounded by the tornado in Joplin that destroyed one of the two community’s hospitals — highlight the unique needs of hospital employees affected by disasters. Amid all the destruction and devastation, these individuals are working 24/7 to care for patients and victims of the disaster. In many cases, these men and women have not had the chance to deal with the effects on their families, homes and personal possessions.

The MHA Center for Education, which is a charitable organization affiliated with the Missouri Hospital Association, has established the HERO fund — Hospital Employee Relief Operation — that will receive contributions and coordinate distribution of monies to deserving employees of affected hospitals.

Funds will go to help hospital employees who are full- or part-time Missouri hospital employees significantly affected by this year’s disasters and who live in one of the FEMA-designated counties. Funds may be used to provide needed assistance to hospital employees who because of the storms:

  • suffered significant physical injury
  • suffered significant property loss
  • lost immediate family members
  • lost their own lives (assistance would be provided to the immediate family)

Contributions are tax-deductible. Because the MHA Center for Education will not use any contributions for administrative fees, 100 percent of your donation will go to hospital employees affected by these situations.