My daughter, Nora, had a pretty uneventful birth. She is our second child. After having preterm labor at 35 weeks that progressed very slowly, I had made it to 6 centimeters at my 38 week appointment. Just a few hours later, our sweet girl was born with no complications

However, we started seeing issues right away. She shook uncontrollably immediately after birth and that lasted several days. When test didn’t reveal the cause, hospital staff reassured us it would go away. It eventually did.

Then Nora struggled to breastfeed because she couldn’t relax her body to get into the correct position. We began seeing lactation consultants, chiropractors and primary care providers. Nora was diagnosed with colic, but the lactation consultant said she was the stiffest baby she’d ever worked with, which was concerning. Nora refused to take bottles, so we continued to breastfeed frequently to help give her body a break. But at just 10 weeks old, Nora dropped from the 56th percentile down to the 6th percentile for weight, and she seemed to be in constant pain. 

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