HCA Midwest Health is the area’s largest healthcare network, consisting of hospitals, outpatient centers, clinics, physician practices, surgery centers and an array of other services to meet the healthcare needs of the greater Kansas City area. More than bricks and mortar, what makes us truly unique is the thousands of compassionate, caring professionals that work tirelessly to not only provide our patients with the highest quality of care when sick, but who also remain committed to keeping patients well. Learn more in our annual report.

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2016 Community Report

HCA Midwest Health: Taking a Turn for the Better

We acknowledge the many absurdities, complexities and frustrations patients—as well as caregivers—face in today's healthcare arena. Through candidness, hard work and innovation we're making sure that healthcare takes a turn for the better.

Elderly Dementia Patient and Caregiver

Q. My grandpa asks the same questions over and over again and it can be very frustrating, especially for my grandma. I know he has dementia, but can't anything be done? I don't want it to affect her health too.

A. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be difficult and frustrating at times. Knowing the disease has no cure and will progressively worsen can be overwhelming. And the level of help dementia patients require may leave caregivers feeling exhausted—both mentally and physically. Planning can help with... More

High Risk of GI Cancer Due To Family or Personal History

Q. My doctor just told me I’m at high risk of colon cancer and referred me to a clinic. Aren’t they just going to tell me things I already know, like I need to eat healthy and exercise?

A. We understand your reluctance. With the media pounding the risks of everything from heart disease to norovirus, it’s easy to start taking the term “risk” lightly. But when your doctor tells you that you’re at high risk for gastrointestinal (GI) cancer—it’s a very different situation. Gastrointestinal... More

Cost and Care Levels of Emergency and Urgent Care Options

Q. There used to be just doctor’s offices and hospitals. Now, there are a million different places to go when you’re sick. How are you supposed to know where to go?

A. You’re right. There are many more options for care now then there were in the past, from emergency rooms to urgent care centers and walk-in clinics. Sometimes, too many options can be overwhelming, confusing and have you yearning for simpler times. But these options are meant to make your life easier... More

About Careers at HCA Midwest Health

As a healthcare professional, you make it your business to be on the front lines, connecting patients, providers and the community to health and wellness. As the area’s largest healthcare network, HCA Midwest Health consists of more than 150 locations including seven hospitals and outpatient centers, clinics, physician practices, surgery centers and an array of services to meet the demands of the greater Kansas City area’s growing healthcare needs. See some examples below. More at turn4thebetter.com

That strength means whether you’re searching for a healthcare career in nursing, as a technologist, billing specialist or admissions professional, HCA Midwest Health offers those and many other health-related positions. From new graduates to experienced professionals, we’ll work to find the job that fits your talents and passion.

What makes us truly unique? The more than 9,000 compassionate professionals of HCA Midwest Health who work tirelessly to provide patients with the highest quality care when sick—and remain committed to community wellness. And continually investing in the most advanced technologies available helps keep patients safe and clinical outcomes excellent.

Find out more about our recognized services including heart attack care, with some of the fastest door to balloon times in the city; stroke care; trauma care; cancer care through the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health; women’s care and neonatal care for premature or ill infants; rehabilitation services and surgical care with the only accredited center of excellence for minimally-invasive gynecologic surgery in the region.

HCA Midwest Health is a vital part of the community we serve through services, taxes and investments to local charitable and civic organizations. Find out more about the significant local economic impact we make in the Kansas City area of well over $1 billion annually in our Community Benefit Report.