Kansas City’s first choice for heart and vascular care.

Whether you need emergency care for chest pain or long-term heart disease management, the cardiologists at the HCA Midwest Health Heart and Vascular Institute offer comprehensive heart care. Our experienced heart doctors offer the latest life-saving therapies and a smooth and seamless course of treatment.

Benefits of the HCA Midwest Health Heart and Vascular Institute

  • Pioneers in cardiac care – Our cardiologists performed the first bi Impella protected PCI procedure and the first minimally-invasive bypass surgery in the Kansas City region.
  • Prominent leaders in cardiology research – Our cardiac specialists work to advance care by leading innovative clinical trials, many investigator initiated research projects and by authoring numerous peer review publications.
  • Internationally recognized cardiac thought leaders – Our heart doctors are recognized around the globe for their work, are frequently invited lecturers at medical education events and host meetings where doctors come from around the country to learn from our physicians.
  • A team approach to heart care – Our team consists of highly-skilled surgeons, interventional cardiologists, cardiologists, electrophysiologists, nurses and technicians who work together to develop the best treatment plan for each and every patient. And a patient’s wishes are always taken into account.
  • Leading-edge procedures – We offer minimally invasive treatments which provide options to people who may have been previously told surgery was too risky.
  • A care philosophy centered around you – We believe heart care should be empathetic, responsive and best in class.
    • Empathetic – In order to create the optimal care plan, we strive to understand your lifestyle and how your symptoms affect you as a person.
    • Responsive – We continually work towards making care more convenient whether it is through increased appointment availability or telecardiology.
    • Best in class – For you to live longer and in better health, medical care has to be right, safe and effective.
  • Convenience – We bring advanced cardiovascular care to your community hospital. We don’t want you to have to travel far for expert cardiology care. We offer more services at more hospitals than any other health system in the region.

See why more people in Kansas City choose us to care for their heart.

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Meet our cardiologists

Learn more about our heart doctors by watching the video playlist below:

Do I have heart disease?

Early heart disease doesn’t usually have symptoms. That’s why it is important to know your risk of heart disease and manage your controllable risk factors. HCA Midwest Health offers the following to help you identify and manage your risk:

  • Free, online heart disease risk assessment
  • Coronary calcium scoring (heart scan)

A coronary calcium heart scan is a non-invasive way of detecting plaque buildup in the coronary arteries. It can help you make lifestyle adjustments or begin treatment to stop or slow the development of heart disease. Learn more about this test and see if it is right for you.

Heart Disease Risk Assessment

Comprehensive cardiology expertise

At HCA Midwest Health we are committed to providing comprehensive care for all stages and types of cardiac disease.

General cardiology

Our Kansas City cardiologists are experts at caring for and diagnosing all types of cardiac disease. They offer leading-edge treatments and partner with subspecialists when more advanced care is needed. Their offices are also conveniently located throughout the metro.


The electrophysiologists at the Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute (KCHRI) are world renowned educators, researchers and clinicians who treat all types of heart arrhythmias.

Interventional cardiology

Our interventional cardiologists have deep expertise and experience with leading-edge, minimally invasive procedures for cardiac emergencies and treatment of heart conditions including the hybrid approach to chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention (CTO PCI).

Cardiothoracic surgery

Our cardiothoracic surgeons are specialists in complex cardiac surgeries and provide compassionate care for the best outcomes.

Vascular surgery

Our vascular surgeons are skilled in the latest surgical methods and were the first in the Kansas City area to perform minimally invasive bypass surgery.

Pediatric cardiology

Our pediatric cardiologists are board-certified in pediatrics and fellowship-trained in pediatric cardiology. Learn more about pediatric care.

Structural heart center

The cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and electrophysiologists at the HCA Midwest Health Structural Heart Center located at Research Medical Center offer cutting-edge treatments for people with heart disease related to structural defects or damage. Procedures include:

Patients can be referred to the HCA Midwest Health Heart & Vascular Institute Structural Heart Program by a primary care physician or cardiologist. To speak with our Structural Heart Program Coordinator:

(816) 276-9050

Chest Pain Centers

With the area’s largest network of award-winning, accredited chest pain centers, your chance of surviving a heart attack improves by more than 35 percent. No other Kansas City area hospitals open up clogged arteries for heart attack patients faster than we do. And that’s important when minutes count to avoid heart damage.