Welcome to the Volunteer Department at Research Medical Center. We are excited you have taken the first step toward becoming a part of our team. As a volunteer, you will join a group of compassionate, friendly individuals dedicated to serving the patients and visitors in our community who walk through the doors of our hospital each day.

Volunteers serve in a variety of clinical and non-clinical areas. Best of all, volunteers provide a “special touch” of helpfulness and kindness to patients and their families.

New volunteer opportunities arise every day at Research Medical Center.

Volunteer requirements

female volunteer serving a female patient at her hospital bedside
  • Age 14 or older
  • High school students need to submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, school counselor or other school professional and a copy of most recent report card.
  • Background check
  • No court ordered community service
  • Minimum four hours a week for three months
  • Read the Future Volunteer Letter for additional information

We have many areas that use volunteers on a daily basis, including:

  • Front desk
  • Pathfinder or greeter
  • Patient care units
  • Waiting rooms

New volunteers will attend an orientation and will receive training from a staff member in the area you are assigned.

A volunteer opportunity is waiting for you! Whatever your special talents, skills or interests are, we will match you to a rewarding task. If you have the dedication and desire to work help others, we invite you to become a part of our team.