Clock management may be an essential strategy when it comes to winning the big game. But you don’t have to manage the clock to receive high-quality emergency sports injury care. HCA Midwest Health  has 11 Kansas City ERs conveniently located throughout the area with short wait times.

And with 8 urgent care locations throughout the region, you can always get the care you need – quickly.

Where should I go for sports medical care?

Like anything else, there are options for where to seek care for your sports injuries. But sometimes options can just add to an already frustrating situation. Where you should go can depend on injury severity and urgency level and can also have an impact on affordability. The guide below can help you decide which healthcare provider best fits your needs.

Emergency Room (ER)

Urgency Level
  • Open 24/7
  • Should be used for serious issues that need immediate attention but can treat all levels of injuries

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Urgent Care

Urgency Level
  • Extended hours
  • Treats minor injuries that need immediate attention such as stitches, sprains, strains, possible broken bones or simple fractures

Urgent Care Locations

Specialist Office

Urgency Level
  • Evaluates and treats complicated, overuse, training or chronic injuries such as tendonitis, muscle strains and sprains, pulled or torn ligaments, dislocations and fractures

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Doctor's Office

Urgency Level
  • Provides routine check-ups to go over changes and needs for an athlete’s overall health
  • Some primary care physicians have a wide-variety of experience and many can also treat minor sprains and strains

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Can watching the game also become an emergency?

Whether you’re cheering on your little one or biting your nails for your favorite professional team, being a fan can be stressful. And while you might not be in the running for a sports injury, you may be in the running for a health issue of a different kind. Hypertension, also known as, high blood pressure, has been linked to sports fandom for years. Being a sports fan can be a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety which can make blood pressure soar. But with that comes a rise in your chance for a heart attack or stroke. Especially if you have already been diagnosed with a heart problem. Here are some heart healthy, game day tips to keep your blood pressure in check.

  • Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise before watching the game
  • Limit your sodium (salt) intake. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 1,500 mg a day
  • Get a stress ball or other stress relieving toy for those high-anxiety plays
  • Opt for chicken instead of processed meats. Or if salad is more your style, arugula is high in blood-pressure lowering nitrates
  • Replace olive oil for saturated and trans fats. It may decrease your need for blood pressure medication by up to 50 percent
  • Most importantly, try to keep things in perspective. Remember it’s only a game and it is supposed to be enjoyable. Stress and depression can significantly impact your health and behavior.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Is Accepted?

HCA Midwest Health accepts most major insurance plans. Provider directories change frequently so it’s a good idea to call the phone number on your insurance card to verify a provider is in your network. And, when you go to your appointment, you should also confirm the doctor or facility is still in your network.

Accepted Insurance Plans

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