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Average ER Wait Times

Belton Regional Medical Center

-- mins

Centerpoint Medical Center

-- mins

ER of Brookside

-- mins

ER of Olathe (freestanding)

-- mins

ER of Shawnee (freestanding)

-- mins

Lafayette Regional Health Center

-- mins

Lee's Summit Medical Center

-- mins

Menorah Medical Center

-- mins

Overland Park Regional Medical Center

-- mins

Pediatric ER of Overland Park

-- mins

Research Medical Center

-- mins

About Us

HCA Midwest Health is the area’s largest healthcare network, consisting of hospitals, outpatient centers, clinics, physician practices, surgery centers and an array of other services to meet the healthcare needs of the greater Kansas City area. More than bricks and mortar, what makes us truly unique is the thousands of compassionate, caring professionals that work tirelessly to not only provide our patients with the highest quality of care when sick, but who also remain committed to keeping patients well. Learn more in our annual report.

2014 Community Report

HCA Midwest Health: Taking a Turn for the Better

We acknowledge the many absurdities, complexities and frustrations patients—as well as caregivers—face in today's healthcare arena. Through candidness, hard work and innovation, we're making sure that healthcare takes a turn the for the better.

Emergency Obstetrics: The OB Hospitalist

Q. What if my OB has an emergency and isn’t available when I go into labor? Or what happens if I have an emergency and can’t reach my doctor?

A. Pregnancy is an exciting and emotional time. And when you’re expecting, the relationship you have with your OB/GYN takes on new meaning. Your OB is the person you are trusting with the health of both you and your baby. They are the first doctor you call with a question and the first person you want more

Hospital Safety: Preventing Infections

Q. If hospitals are supposed to make us better, why do they make some people sicker?

A. The things that cause people to be in a hospital – sickness, injury, surgery – also tend to weaken their immune systems. That means they are not as capable of fighting off the bacteria or viruses that cause infections. In healthcare circles, preventable infections that patients acquire during more

Breast Cancer Can Run In Families

Q. In addition to dealing with my sister’s breast cancer diagnosis, I know this means myself and my daughter are at higher risk. How am I supposed to make decisions? There are just too many unknowns.

A. You’re correct that having a sibling (or parent) with diagnosed breast cancer puts you at higher risk for developing breast cancer. It is one of the many factors doctors look at when assessing a person’s breast cancer risk. While you help your sister cope with the many decisions and changes she will more

Advanced Heart Treatments: TAVR

Q. My dad needs aortic valve replacement but his doctor says open-heart surgery is risky because of his COPD. Isn’t there anything else out these for people like him?

A. There are a lot of patients like your dad. Often, people with advanced cardiac disease, who have debilitating symptoms (shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain), are told there are no treatment options for them. And conditions like COPD, diabetes, kidney disease and some heart conditions can make more

Heart Disease Advanced Treatment: CTO PCI

Q. My dad has had bypass surgery and multiple PCIs and now one of his arteries is completely blocked. He has chest pain that limits his ability to walk his black lab, Tank. He doesn’t think he can take another round of bypass and cardiac rehab. It’s 2017 – there should be better ways by now!

A. Depending on your dad’s condition, there may be other options. Many patients with coronary artery disease end up needing multiple surgeries, especially if they have severe atherosclerosis (the disease that leads to coronary artery blockage). But there are newer, advanced treatments and one of these – more

About Careers at HCA Midwest Health

As a healthcare professional, you make it your business to be on the front lines, connecting patients, providers and the community to health and wellness. As the area’s largest healthcare network, HCA Midwest Health consists of more than 150 locations including seven hospitals and outpatient centers, clinics, physician practices, surgery centers and an array of services to meet the demands of the greater Kansas City area’s growing healthcare needs. See some examples below. More at

That strength means whether you’re searching for a healthcare career in nursing, as a technologist, billing specialist or admissions professional, HCA Midwest Health offers those and many other health-related positions. From new graduates to experienced professionals, we’ll work to find the job that fits your talents and passion.

What makes us truly unique? The more than 9,000 compassionate professionals of HCA Midwest Health who work tirelessly to provide patients with the highest quality care when sick—and remain committed to community wellness. And continually investing in the most advanced technologies available helps keep patients safe and clinical outcomes excellent.

Find out more about our recognized services including heart attack care, with some of the fastest door to balloon times in the city; stroke care; trauma care; cancer care through the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health; women’s care and neonatal care for premature or ill infants; rehabilitation services and surgical care with the only accredited center of excellence for minimally-invasive gynecologic surgery in the region.

HCA Midwest Health is a vital part of the community we serve through services, taxes and investments to local charitable and civic organizations. Find out more about the significant local economic impact we make in the Kansas City area of well over $1 billion annually in our Community Benefit Report.