Nurses On-Call

Nurses On-Call

If you need to find the right doctor for you or the answer to a health question, HCA Midwest Health’s Nurses On-Call is your resource: (816) 751-3000 or (913) 541-7400. Or, request a callback online. Nurses On-Call represents Midwest Physicians at all HCA Midwest Health hospitals.

Your Link to Quality Physicians

  • Helpful information to assist you in choosing from more than 2,000 affiliated physicians
  • Find a physician by location, specialty or other personal treatment preferences
  • Convenient appointment times available, including same-day or next-day availability

Your Link to Health Advice

  • Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide health advice
  • Speak directly with experienced registered nurses who can answer questions and help you make an informed healthcare decision


Midwest Physicians

Midwest Physicians, which is part of HCA Midwest Health, is a network of experienced, multi-specialty physicians located throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Currently Midwest Physicians represent 201 physicians, 102 primary care providers and 99 specialists. We have 53 physician practices providing care in 62 locations to serve our community.

To locate a physician near you and to schedule an appointment, call (816) 751-3000 or (913) 541-7400. Most of our primary care practices have same-day or next-day appointments available, affording you and your family access to quality healthcare. Midwest Physicians accept all major health insurance plans in the Kansas City area.

Cancer Care

Midwest Cancer Care

Midwest Cancer Care provides comprehensive cancer services including prevention and education, screening, diagnosis, and treatment and recovery. Our expertise is focused on:


Take a risk assessment for breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancers. Or, see our schedule of cancer screenings, which includes breast, colorectal, prostate and skin. Midwest Cancer Care also offers additional health education, including tips that may help decrease the risk of developing cancer.

Heart Care

Midwest Heart Care

We are the largest provider of heart care in the Kansas City area. Our experienced team of heart care specialists and award-winning hospitals have all the pieces to put your heart back together. Visit Midwest Heart Care.

Women's Care

Women's Care

Midwest Women’s Care celebrates the uniqueness of your life today and tomorrow. Your needs and experiences will change over the years, but our commitment to you will not. We’re there for you through all of life’s stages, whether you’re healthy or not, delivering some of the highest quality and most advanced women’s medical care available in our community.

Midwest Women’s Care sets the standard for quality medical care for all stages of a woman’s life – from just entering adulthood, to starting a family, to facing mid-life and aging issues.

Through Midwest Women’s Care, you have access to the services of many of the area’s finest physicians specializing in women’s and newborn care. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained physician experts offer a range of capabilities in preventive and routine gynecologic and primary care, mid-life and menopause care, and pregnancy-related specialties and neonatology.

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