Adult mental health care in Kansas City

At Research Psychiatric Center, our psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in helping you find stability among the different life stressors and problems you can face. We work to put you on a path toward recovery and a better life.

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Inpatient mental health

Tailored to meet the needs of adults and senior patients experiencing acute emotional or mental disorders, Research Psychiatric Center provides inpatient services for a more intensive treatment program.

Inpatient vs. outpatient services

Inpatient services provide 24-hour psychiatric care for patients who have severe mental health and addictive disorders. It offers treatment in a safe and secure environment with constant monitoring.

Outpatient services allow patients to leave after treatment to be with family or friends but offers intensive treatment during the day to treat their conditions.

The Treatment Mall

The Treatment Mall at Research Psychiatric Center offers adult patients greater ownership in their treatment while building the life skills they need to develop to recover.

The programs at the Treatment Mall help patients reach specific treatment goals through participation in group therapy. Tracks include thought disorders, mood disorders, chemical addiction, trauma, grief, depression, pain and anxiety.

Vine Unit

The Vine Unit offers 24-hour psychiatric care and an active, intensive therapy program for stabilizing acute depression and anxiety and other mood disorders, adjustment disorders, and substance abuse issues.

The program features a full day of treatment, including group and individual therapy and daily visits with a psychiatrist to discuss medication management. Rather than waiting for a follow-up appointment after an initial evaluation, patients with busy lifestyles can begin actively addressing problems and get accelerated treatment options.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

ECT is a modern medical treatment for certain mental or emotional illnesses. In this treatment, the patient receives a brief electrical stimulation to the scalp, which releases chemicals in the brain and helps restore normal functioning.

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Adult outpatient services

Research Psychiatric Center offers a Partial Hospitalization Program and an intensive outpatient program for those struggling with emotional or behavioral issues but need the flexibility to accommodate their busy schedules.