Prevention and wellness options to keep you healthy

Midwest Women’s Care physicians and staff provide general health management, a complete range of screenings and testing, educational resources and more – all with the aim of prevention and early detection to maintain your good health.

Genetic counseling
Midwest Women’s Care offers genetic counseling, giving you access to important information and support from experts committed to arming you with what you need to know about your hereditary health risk factors. 

Imaging and testing
Our support for your health extends to the latest in female-oriented screenings such as bone density scanning, digital mammography and breast diagnostics, gynecologic imaging and more. We are committed to getting you results as quickly as possible to help you and your doctor effectively manage your health. Additionally, our primary care physicians and gynecologists offer expertise in human papillomavirus (HPV) testing and education to ensure that women of all ages understand this common virus, its link to cervical cancer and the importance of staying current with Pap tests.

Mid-life and beyond
Midwest Women’s Care physicians place a special emphasis on healthy aging with treatments and options targeted to women facing menopause or health issues caused by aging.

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