Dale Flanagan

“I’ve got a lot of living to do.” - That’s a direct quote from 71-year-old Dale Flanagan, a Kansas City resident who has a renewed outlook on life following a health scare on April 6, 2010. Flanagan loved to eat greasy fried foods such as chicken, French fries and cheeseburgers. The salt shaker was a regular dining companion, and Flanagan slathered butter on rolls, baked potatoes and toast. He didn’t stop to think of the consequences his diet choices might have on his health. » Read more about Dale Flanagan

John Kistler

John Kistler suffered a stroke in August 2013 following a surgery where he received five heart bypasses. The stroke caused physical injuries, including blurred vision. “Thirty-one days later I was discharged from Research Medical Center, able to walk and eat and armed with several assignments from my doctors.” » Read more about John Kistler

Len Lutz

“During a health scare, the things you love most are what you’re afraid of losing,” says Len Lutz. “Thanks to Research Medical Center and the quick action of my doctors, I’m back enjoying my family, music and friends.” » Read more about Len Lutz

Stephan Butler

When 56-year-old Stephan Butler experienced a series of mini-strokes in May 2010, he sought help from a doctor he had formerly coached on the football field. Having coached this doctor as a high school student in the 1990s, Butler knew losing wasn’t part of the young man’s game plan. » Read more about Stephan Butler