There’s a reason the HCA Midwest Health Neuroscience Institute is the neurological choice. Read what our patients have to say.

Jack Hyder

A Parkinson’s disease patient and his spouse were willing to wait two years and drive 60 miles for the one doctor they felt could best control his symptoms. “We feel truly blessed that he is our doctor,” says Shari Hyder, of Muhammad M. Nashatizadeh, MD, a neurologist with the Midwest Neuroscience Institute at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. “We know he cares. He listens, he looks at problems as they come up and he finds a way to addresses them.” » Read more about Jack Hyder

Jerrie Stutheit

Jerrie Stutheit is a mother of three and grandmother of seven who was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Jerrie had an appointment with Geoffrey Blatt, MD, a neurosurgeon at Research Medical Center.“Dr. Blatt explained the type of tumor I had and was confident that I would have positive results. I trusted him immediately.” » Read more about Jerrie Stutheit

Laura Kellogg

Laura Kellogg had learned to live with migraine headaches. For more than 20 years – since the age of seven – they struck like clockwork once, sometimes, twice a month. And when they did, Laura retreated to her dark and quiet bedroom to lie down and simply wait out the excruciating head pain and its accompanying nausea and vomiting. Her migraines were painful and draining, but something she had learned to accept. » Read more about Laura Kellogg

Len Lutz

“During a health scare, the things you love most are what you’re afraid of losing,” says Len Lutz. “Thanks to Research Medical Center and the quick action of my doctors, I’m back enjoying my family, music and friends.” » Read more about Len Lutz

Lou Ann Carmean

Lou Ann Carmean started seeing Dr. Hux two years ago after experiencing profound left shoulder pain. A routine MRI showed a severe problem in her neck as a result of medication she took for bone marrow cancer. Following a seven-hour surgery, a week’s hospital stay at Centerpoint Medical Center and several weeks of inpatient rehabilitation, Carmean went home just in time to celebrate her 78th birthday. » Read more about Lou Ann Carmean

Mia Lyons

Mia Lyons, a Kansas City resident whose positive attitude is a way of life, was diagnosed in 2007 with a benign brain tumor called a meningioma. The second most primary tumor of the central nervous system, meningiomas are slow-growing, occur more frequently in women than men and are usually benign. » Read more about Mia Lyons