Medical transportation services for mothers and infants

When pregnancy doesn’t go as planned, and mom, baby or both are critically ill, they require specialized care from a hospital that provides the highest level of mother-baby intensive care. The maternity hospitals of HCA Midwest Health are prepared 24/7 to safely deliver and care for premature or critically ill infants and care for mothers with high-risk pregnancies.

Ambulance Transport Services

HCA Midwest Health also offers the area’s only two dedicated ambulance transport services to transfer mothers and babies in life-threatening situations to a hospital providing the specialized services they need.

  • Maternal transport
  • Neonatal transport

Our Midwest Maternal Transport and Neonatal Transport programs offer:

  • Specially trained maternal transport and neonatal transport ambulance teams with expertise in critically ill newborns and women with severe, high-risk pregnancy complications
  • Access to leading hospitals with maternal-fetal and neonatal expertise under one roof so mother and baby can be treated in the same hospital without the need to separate either
  • Ambulance transport availability from 13 counties across the region to deliver sick moms and/or babies to a Kansas City hospital with the care they need 

Referring hospital providers may contact the Maternal Transport or Neonatal Transport teams through the HCA Midwest Health Access Center. For consultation, or to transfer a mother or baby call:

(866) 740-9550

Neonatal Transport

The Midwest Neonatal Transport Team (MNTT) is an experienced, highly skilled medical team with expertise in transporting and caring for critically ill newborns. Based at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Overland Park, Ks, MNTT transports newborns with serious health issues and premature babies, including “micropreemies” born as early as 22 weeks. Transfers are available from local hospitals throughout the KC region to an HCA Midwest Health facility with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) capabilities they need.

What to Expect During Baby’s Transport

  • Babies transported under the supervision of board-certified, fellowship-trained neonatologists pediatricians with extensive training in premature and critically ill newborns
  • State-of-the-art ambulances outfitted with special neonate equipment such as cooling blankets which can slow down brain injuries a baby may experience from a lack of oxygen
  • Portable NICU capabilities including ventilators, monitors, IV pumps, different types of medication and a travel lab, allowing experienced certified neonatal nurses to provide time-critical care for babies during the ambulance ride
  • Specially designed neonatal transport isolettes – tiny incubators that keep babies warm, snug and as comfortable as possible while allowing the team to easily monitor vital functions
  • Close communication with the hospital team to ensure a strong continuity of care once baby leaves the ambulance

What to Expect at the Hospital

Midwest Neonatal Transport ambulance
  • A seamless transfer of care – The ambulance care team will take baby straight to the NICU and stay with them and the hospital NICU team until baby is in stable condition
  • An immediate assessment by the neonatologist and team
  • Testing and lab work if your baby needs them
  • 24/7 care by a specially trained team of neonatal nurses and physicians

What You Can Do

We know this can be a frightening time for parents, so we encourage you to ask any questions and feel free to check on your baby any time. Your baby has a dedicated nurse who will keep you informed about baby’s care and let you know when you can hold the baby.  Bonding with your baby and involvement in his or her care is important for your entire family.

When Your Baby is Better

When little ones begin to improve and no longer require the highly specialized care of a NICU, they may be transferred to a location closer to home – a move that can provide more convenience and comfort for you. Your baby’s care team will let you know when this move is possible.

Maternal Transport

Medical transportation for mom and baby – keeping them safe and together.

The Midwest Maternal Transport Team (MMTT) consists of high-risk perinatal obstetrical nurses, critical care paramedics and EMTs. These professionals have the expertise to safely transport women experiencing serious complications while pregnant or immediately after giving birth to a facility that can meet their needs. Located at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, the MMTT works in partnership with an area ambulance service provider to offer critical care OB transport to referring hospitals in the region.

What You Can Expect

  • Moms are transported under the ongoing direction and monitoring of board-certified, fellowship-trained experts in mother and fetus care
  • Close and constant coordination between the transport team and maternal fetal medicine specialists, board-certified ObGyns, neonatologists and an array of others with mother and fetus/baby expertise
  • Partnership with a woman’s primary ObGyn to ensure a smooth transfer and continuity of care from hospital to ambulance to hospital
  • High-quality, compassionate care for high-risk moms and their babies requiring maternal fetal and/or NICU capabilities with the emphasis on keeping them together in one hospital

Conditions That Require Specialized OB Care

Some diagnosis for which we transport may include:

  • Hypertensive (blood pressure) pregnancy conditions (preeclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP syndrome)
  • Preterm labor
  • Premature rupture of membranes (amniotic sac)
  • Placenta issues
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Fetal anomalies
  • Low fetal weight
  • Pregnancy with multiples