Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HCA Midwest Health offers several immunotherapy options, a type of therapy which harnesses the body’s own immune system to detect and fight cancer.

Where chemotherapy and radiation once were the gold standard in cancer care, immunotherapies and targeted medicines that can be used in combination or alone, have advanced therapies at a very rapid pace over the last five years.

Immunotherapies are generally well tolerated compared to traditional therapies and, for many patients, result in the ability to control the cancer and provide improved quality of life compared to previous treatment plans.

At Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HCA Midwest Health, many clinical trial options, including several immunotherapies, are available for a variety of cancers.

How does immunotherapy work?

“In simplest terms,” explains David Spigel, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and Director, Lung Cancer Research Program, Sarah Cannon Research Institute, “cancer cells have a way of applying a brake on the immune system, and immunotherapy lifts the brake and allows the immune system to recognize cancer as a threat. With these advancements there are some patients with significant shrinkage in their cancer, and even more living long periods without cancer growing. It is through ongoing research and these varied disease-type study opportunities that we can continue to improve cancer care and improve patients’ lives.”

How immunotherapy benefits patients

Results from clinical trials highlight direct patient benefits including:

  • Broad safety – with largely reversible side-effects
  • Tumor shrinkage in some patients
  • Prolonged control of the disease in many patients

Clinical Trials

Sarah Cannon has enrolled more than 1,500 patients into clinical trials utilizing immunotherapies—out of the approximately 10,000 patients enrolled worldwide- demonstrating leadership in research immunotherapy drugs for patients.

For more information about immunotherapy trials at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HCA Midwest Health, contact us.