A safe place to receive care that can’t wait

We are committed to the safety of every patient, visitor and caregiver. Our emergency rooms continue to be safe and available for all patients seeking medical attention for urgent health concerns, whether COVID-19 related or not.

Advanced protocols to protect you

We have been and will continue to be proactively engaged in the safe management of COVID-19. As part of our larger network, HCA Healthcare, we have put in place infection prevention protocols and safety measures that help protect our patients and colleagues at all of our facilities. One of the many ways we are doing this is by providing masks to anyone entering our hospital or emergency room. For more information visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub.

Emergency Room (ER) Near Me in Kansas City

11 ER Locations

When minor symptoms like dizziness, heartburn or stomach pain turn into a real emergency, you need to get to an ER fast. With eleven 24-hour emergency room locations near me conveniently located throughout the region, you can quickly get emergency medical care at an HCA Midwest Health emergency hospital, medical center or the closest ER.

And when your little one has a mishap, or those smaller aches and pains turn into a high fever or symptoms that get better and then come back even worse, our kids ERs are just a hop, skip and jump away for your entire family.

Sometimes, injuries happen like a sprained ankle or nasty cut that may not be an emergency, but you do need urgent care. With 9 urgent care clinics across the metro area, we can make sure you’re seen and stitched up and cared for in no time.

Are My Symptoms an Emergency?

Emergencies aren’t always obvious. Many conditions have similar symptoms making it difficult to decipher an emergency from a false alarm. But early treatment can save lives. That’s why it’s essential to know when to seek emergency care. Uncover the differences between commonly confused symptoms and conditions below.

Heartburn or Heart Attack?

Chest pain is the most commonly known clue of a heart attack. But every heart attack is different. And pain can often resemble discomfort, pressure and even heartburn. Learn how to tell if your acid reflux may really be a heart attack in disguise.

Heartburn or Heart Attack?

Migraine or Stroke?

A sudden, severe headache. You feel dizzy, nauseous and are having trouble seeing. A typical migraine, right? Learn how to tell if your migraine may really be a stroke in disguise.

Migraine or Stroke?

Panic Attack or Heart Attack?

Chest pain, a racing heart, shortness of breath, nausea – it can be surprising how similar a heart attack and a panic attack can feel. Learn how to tell if your panic attack may really be a heart attack in disguise.

Panic Attack or Heart Attack?

Stomach Flu or Appendicitis?

Stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea – add in a fever and your symptoms could suggest appendicitis. Learn how to tell if your stomach bug may really be appendicitis in disguise.

Stomach Flu or Appendicitis?

Additional Symptoms & Conditions

Are you experiencing symptoms or think you may have a condition that isn’t listed above? You have a couple of options to get the answers you need.

  • For immediate answers to your health questions, speak to a registered nurse 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-386-9355
  • Submit a health question to our blog, Turn4TheBetter, and get answers from our medical experts

ER or Urgent Care?

How do you know when an injury or illness is serious enough to go to the emergency room? This helpful guide explains the symptoms and conditions that are urgent enough to visit the ER, an Urgent Care, a Walk-in Clinic, or a Doctor's Office. The guidelines can help you decide which healthcare provider makes the most sense for your medical needs, and your budget. What about costs and insurance?

Urgent Care Locations  

Visit an ER or Urgent Care?

ER for Children

With 24-hour services, the latest technology, and caring staff, our 10 pediatric-ready emergency rooms and pediatric ER are prepared for your little one's mishaps. In fact, our hospitals beat the national average for pediatric ER readiness and treat nearly 25,000 kids each year. Learn more about our pediatric emergency rooms.

Kids ER Locations  

Pediatric ER of Overland Park

Fast Average ER Wait Times

HCA Midwest Health hospitals offer short ER wait times throughout the Kansas City area. Plus, we treat more emergencies than any other healthcare system in the region.

Need Health Advice?

Nurses On-Call: For health information and advice from registered nurses who are available 24/7, call 1-800-386-9355.

Emergency? Dial 911. Listen to your body. If your symptoms appear life-threatening, don't drive. Call for an ambulance.

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