Early detection is the best protection against many types of cancer

Your birthday is the perfect occasion to make a resolution to celebrate more birthdays by taking good care of your health. One way to maintain your health is to be sure you understand your cancer screening guidelines. You can use these guidelines to be appropriately screened based on risk factors including your age, gender, family history and lifestyle. Or, talk to your primary care physician about cancer screening next time you have an appointment. Know your cancer screening guidelines (and take action).

The facts and figures are difficult to refute

Regular cancer screening examinations by a health care professional can lead to detection and diagnosis of cancers at the earliest stages possible – when they are most treatable – and are key to survival.

However, it’s pretty easy to make excuses

Our doctors and medical professionals have heard just about every excuse possible to justify avoiding cancer screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, pelvic exams and pap smears, prostate exams, and skin exams.

But the reasons why far outweigh the why nots

We all know that getting poked, prodded and squashed as part of a medical exam is rarely ranked high on your list of favorite things to do. But instead of making excuses to skip a cancer screening, consider all the reasons why you should get screened:

  • Your family and loved ones
  • Your friends
  • Your co-workers
  • Your life

If you have questions about when and what you should be screening for, call our cancer nurse hotline (816) 751-3775 or (913) 236-8003. Or speak with your primary care physician; if you don't have one visit MyMidwestPhysician.com or call (816) 751-3000 or (913) 541-7400.

Additional Information

Education is another tool in preventing cancer. Visit the American Cancer Society's "Find Cancer Early" pages using the links below.