A concussion is an injury to your brain. The brain does not work right for a while after a concussion. You may have problems with things like memory, balance, concentration, judgment, and coordination. Your brain will need time to heal after a concussion. Most will have a full recovery with the proper rest and monitoring.

Concussion Testing

ImPACT™ Baseline Testing

A concussion is a traumatic injury caused when the brain violently moves within the skull injuring brain cells. The experts at Midwest Sports Medicine Physicians offer educational programs and testing to prevent concussions and treat concussions should one occur. Our specialists use ImPACT™, a neurocognitive test developed by the University of Pittsburgh Neurosciences Center. It is the most widely used test and currently the choice of the MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS and NFL. ImPACT helps physicians evaluate an athlete’s recovery following a concussion. In the preseason, each athlete is given a baseline test. Should a concussion occur, a follow-up test may be administered to see if results have changed from the baseline.

The concussion management program helps ensure a culture of “Safety First,” and is a significant part of our commitment to student athletes.

The ImPACT testing provides physicians a comparison between baseline and post injury. This helps your doctor to diagnose and manage the concussion. It can also help your physician answer difficult questions about an athlete’s readiness to return to play.

Age Requirement

Any child, age 10 and up, is eligible for testing, which is recommended every two years.

Schedule an Appointment You can make an appointment for baseline testing by calling (816) 823-0647. Baseline testing takes about 45 minutes.

For more information about ImPACT testing, visit impacttest.com.