If you are recovering from a heart attack, dealing with congestive heart failure or another cardiac condition that is holding you back from enjoying the most from life, your HCA Midwest Health cardiologist may suggest cardiac rehabilitation. Our therapists and rehab specialists have experience treating people with a wide range of cardiac conditions, and we will work with you to design a rehab program to meet your individual needs and goals.

Our inpatient cardiac rehab services are located within Research Medical Center and Menorah Medical Center, with highly specialized diagnostic service and care available just a few steps away. Because of this, we can offer you the immediate access and expert rehab care that most skilled nursing facilities cannot offer.

Specialized Care, Just for Cardiac Patients

Whatever cardiac condition you may have, our rehab therapists are ready to work with you. We will work closely with you to understand your personal goals and to help you attain them, at a safe and healthy pace. We will begin your exercise program slowly and increase your regimen in intensity as you and your heart regain strength. Our rehab team will closely monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and intensity level closely before, during and after exercise. You’ll learn how to check your heart rate and manage your cardiac condition so you can do the things you need and love to do, all while working to avoid future heart problems.

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