Surgery is the most common form of breast cancer treatment. Your Kansas City surgeon or breast surgical oncologist will work with you to discuss your options based on your unique cancer, treatment concerns and goals. They may recommend a mastectomy (complete breast tissue removal) or a lumpectomy (partial breast tissue removal).

At HCA Midwest Health, we want you to be able to make educated and empowered treatment decisions. We want you to know your options and choose a surgeon and a surgery that best fits your needs. The Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health offers leading-edge breast cancer surgery techniques and a full range of procedures. In addition to the more traditional surgery options, we offer mastectomy and lumpectomy surgical methods that leave little to no visible scarring.

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Breast Cancer Surgery without a Visible Scar

See yourself, not your scar

For many women, the prominent scarring left by mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures can leave them feeling self-conscious. It can also be a constant reminder of their battle with cancer. Sarah Cannon at HCA Midwest Health now offers additional options. Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery is a leading-edge method of removing breast cancer. Using this method, your surgeon will place the incision in a location that is difficult to see. That way, when the incision heals, the scar is not visible.

This breast cancer surgery technique does not come with a higher risk of return cancer and the breast cancer surgeons offering these procedures have advanced training to ensure the best outcomes.

The Hidden Scar™ surgical method is available at three of our Kansas City hospital locations:

Depending on the size and location of your tumor, breast shape and breast size, you may be a candidate for the Hidden Scar approach. Schedule a consultation by calling (816) 751-3000.

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Mastectomy Surgical Options

A mastectomy procedure involves complete removal of the breast tissue. This surgery is usually recommended for women who have large tumors, multiple tumors or have a hereditary risk of breast cancer (such as the BRCA gene). Your Kansas City breast cancer surgeon will walk you through your mastectomy procedure options. We offer:

  • A simple mastectomy – the breast tissue, most of the skin and the nipple is removed
  • A skin sparing mastectomy – the breast tissue and nipple is removed but the breast skin remains intact
  • A nipple sparing mastectomy – the entire contents of the breast is removed but the skin and nipple remains intact
  • A Hidden Scar nipple sparing mastectomy – the breast tissue is removed and the skin and nipple are left intact. The scar will be located in the crease under the breast (inframammary fold)

Hidden Scar Mastectomy

You may be a candidate for a Hidden Scar Mastectomy if:

  • Your nipple is cancer-free
  • You don’t currently have cancer but have a family history or carry the BRCA gene
  • You have non-invasive breast cancer
  • Your tumors are small and don’t lie directly beneath the nipple

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Breast Reconstruction

When discussing your mastectomy options, you will also discuss if breast reconstruction is something you wish to consider. The best procedure option may depend on your wishes for reconstruction and your treatment plan. Your breast cancer surgeon can refer you to a plastic surgeon if you wish to go that route.

Lumpectomy Surgical Options

A lumpectomy is usually an option for women with a single small to medium sized tumor. Many times radiation therapy is recommended following a lumpectomy. HCA Midwest Health offers two lumpectomy options:

  • A lumpectomy – This is a breast conserving surgery where the breast cancer tumor and a small margin of healthy tissue surrounding the tumor is removed. The majority of the breast tissue remains intact. The location of your scar will vary based on breast size and location of the tumor.
  • A lumpectomy with an oncoplastic closure – A breast reduction or lift at the same time the tumor is removed. A plastic surgeon may or may not be needed.
  • A Hidden Scar Lumpectomy – The majority of your breast tissue will be intact, just like a standard lumpectomy. Using this technique, your incision is made in one of three hard-to-see places – the crease under your breast, in the armpit or along the edge of the areola.

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Questions to Ask your Breast Surgeon

It is important to have a good understanding of your breast cancer and surgery options before making a decision. Download a helpful discussion guide to take to your next appointment.

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