Band Against Cancer with Sarah Cannon

Band Against Cancer connects people facing cancer with the help they need close to home. We have one goal – to empower communities to Prevent, Fight and Survive cancer by banding together.

Brad Paisley, the lead ambassador for Band Against Cancer this year, is using his voice to unite communities to take action today. Learn more at

Every One of Us Has a Story to Tell…

What do you wish you had known when you were touched by cancer? You can inspire somebody facing cancer today through #LetterToMe what you know now, what would you say to yourself when you were touched by cancer? Inspire someone facing cancer today by sharing it in a letter.

Go to, choose how you would like to share your story and you can choose if you would like your letter sent to a person facing cancer or a caregiver. Write your letter and submit. It’s simple and you can help make a difference in the fight against cancer.