Have a cancer question? Call askSARAH to connect with a nurse.

Through our partnership with Sarah Cannon, HCA Midwest Health is pleased to offer askSARAH, a dedicated phone helpline to answer your cancer related questions. You can talk with a registered nurse at askSARAH to learn about resources close to home, help you find out how to schedule a cancer screening appointment, or connect you directly with a nurse navigator.

Sarah Cannon HCA Midwest Health is the Kansas City area’s largest and most advanced cancer care network. We offer:

Band Against Cancer with Sarah Cannon

Band Against Cancer connects people facing cancer with the help they need close to home. We have one goal – to empower communities to Prevent, Right and Survive cancer by banding together.

Brad Paisley, the lead ambassador for Band Against Cancer this year, is using his voice to unite communities to take action today. Learn more at bandagainstcancer.com.

askSarah - Sarah Cannon cancer network phone hotline