Dr Jennifer TiemanResearch Family Medicine is situated in Kansas City, centered at Research Medical Center, a large tertiary care community hospital in the urban core. Research Medical Center provides routine and specialty care to patients both from the community and referred from our extensive outreach network.

Research Family Medicine is the only residency at our hospital and has access to the excellent teaching provided by all of our specialist colleagues, as well as our family physicians who practice and teach the full scope of family medicine at our hospital.

Our residency also prides itself on offering an excellent academic curriculum. There are longitudinal curriculums for the inpatient medicine rotation, the inpatient OB and newborn rotation, and the PGY1 office continuity clinic. Time is reserved each day on these rotations to present the core topics for each area, guaranteeing your exposure to key education regardless of patient availability at the time.

We also have daily noon conferences with lunch provided, covering the breadth of family medicine, taught both by family physicians and specialists in each area. We review and update all curriculum regularly, to ensure academic rigor and family medicine relevance.