Thank you for considering our Obstetrics and Gynecology residency program.

Our enthusiasm to educate the next generation extends beyond the transfer of knowledge and skills into a desire to build up future physician leaders. We are looking for dynamic and adaptable individuals with leadership potential because we know they will be successful in our program.

Our residency program embraces:

Dedicated attention

Our physicians are committed to and vested in our OBGYN program and the long-term success and development of the future physicians passing thru our program.


Our residents are empowered by program leadership to help shape the expectations, ethos and values of our program. We are building a legacy around words like collaborative, capable, harmonious, innovative and supportive.


Locally, our residents will have the support of our dedicated hospital administration, staff and GME office. Nationally, we have a network of HCA GME programs we collaborate with to bring optimized educational programming.


Learning life-balance starts in residency. Residency requires hard work and dedication, but must be balanced by care and attention to the whole person. We support this by encouraging residents to complete weekly education/administrative tasks which is rewarded with structured time to meet personal needs.

Quality Care

We are dedicated to providing compassionate patient care that makes us proud. With access to HCA Healthcare data sets, we are able to contribute to large-scale meaningful improvement in patient care.


Kansas City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US. With an abundance of culture, nightlife, shopping, art scene and sports; you'll see why so many call it their home. Our Hospital is located in an excellent area with easy access to downtown, excellent schools, great housing and a low cost of living.

We encourage you to apply and make Kansas City and our program your home.


Kimberly Swan MD, MBA

OBGYN Program Director, HCA Healthcare - Kansas City