About ER of Shawnee

At the ER of Shawnee, we understand your emergency is of the utmost importance. From sprains and broken bones to middle-of-the-night fevers and allergic reactions, our emergency room (ER) is here to help.

Our freestanding emergency room (FSER) serves the northern Johnson County and parts of Wyandotte County communities. Conveniently located between Interstate 35 and Interstate 435, our FSER offers 24/7 care for adults and children with little to no wait time to be seen.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Comprehensive emergency services

At ER of Shawnee, we are a full-service ER. That means we offer the same emergency care as a traditional ER, providing immediate care for minor to severe injuries and illnesses. Our ER also offers:

To find out more about our freestanding ER, call (913) 227-8400.

Illnesses and injuries we treat

Our specialists are able to treat a wide range of emergency medical conditions, including:

Fully equipped to handle your child's emergency

As one of our 11 pediatric-friendly ERs in the HCA Midwest Health Network, the ER of Shawnee has emergency specialists ready to provide expert care for your little one 24/7. We're experienced in quickly diagnosing and providing effective treatment for a wide range of conditions and injuries affecting children.

How to choose the right healthcare?

There are many options for healthcare including emergency services, urgent care or specialists. Sometimes a helping hand provides good advice. Our Nurses On-Call service has friendly nurses to help with care decisions and answer health questions who are available 24/7.

For more information about our Nurses On-Call service, call (913) 541-5562.

Continuing your care after an ER visit

For some patients, our emergency physicians may recommend a follow-up visit with a specialist after their ER visit. Receiving the proper care after an emergency medical situation is important to monitor your health and facilitate your recovery. If your doctor recommends a follow-up, you may receive a call from a member of our staff to help find a doctor near you and schedule an appointment.

HCA Midwest Health also participates in the CareAssure program, a part of our Care Connect initiative. The goal of this program is to keep our patients healthy by following up with them about test results that may indicate risk for a future health problem. We want to connect you with the treatment you need, before a medical emergency occurs.