Matters of the Heart

HCA Midwest Health features “Matters of the Heart” on KCTV5 Better Kansas City. Watch our physician experts share their insight Thursday, Feb. 18, at 9 a.m. live on KCTV5, or watch the replay Friday, Feb. 19 at 7 a.m. on KSMO or Tuesday, March 8 at 9 a.m. on KCTV5.

BetterKC heart physician panel on KCTV 5

Dr. Lori Boyajian O’Neill, Family Practitioner: Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack vs Stroke
Dr. Aaron Doonan, Interventional Cardiologist: Minimally invasive Heart Procedures
Dr. Willie Lawrence, Interventional Cardiologist: Heart Attacks in Young People - A Patient Story
Dr. Rajendran Sabapathy, Interventional Cardiologist: Varicose Treatment: For Looks or For Health
Dr. Rachel Sosland, Cardiologist: Women and Heart Disease
Dietician Jessica Bocquin, RD, LD, and Chef Rodney Clodfelter: Heart Healthy Eating
A Stroke Patient: Surviving Stroke, A Patient’s Message

About HCA Midwest Health Heart Care Network

HCA Midwest Health is a network of hospitals and physicians that brings together the expertise and technology to provide patients throughout the Kansas City region with a high-quality of care and support as they face heart disease.

So whether you need emergency care for chest pain or long-term management of a chronic cardiac condition, the heart care experts at HCA Midwest Health offer comprehensive treatment for a wide range of heart conditions. Our experienced cardiologists will treat you in a professional, yet comfortable, setting.

With the area’s only network of award-winning, accredited chest pain centers, your chance of surviving a heart attack improves by more than 35 percent. No other Kansas City area hospitals open up clogged arteries for heart attack patients faster than we do! And that’s important when minutes count to avoid heart damage.

You can be confident in the heart care team at HCA Midwest Health to provide you with expert diagnosis, treatment and management of any heart or vascular condition. Learn More

Physician Panel Videos

Dr. Aaron Doonan

Interventional Cardiologist at Lee’s Summit Medical Center

Robert Zornes

Stroke Survivor

Dr. Rajendran Sabapathy

Interventional Cardiologist at Overland Park Regional Medical Center

HCA Midwest Employees


Dr. Lori Boyajian O’Neill

Family Practitioner with HCA Midwest

Dr. Willie Lawrence

Interventional Cardiologist at Research Medical Center

Dr. Rachel Sosland

Cardiologist with HCA Midwest Health

Jessica Bocquin


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