HCA Midwest Health - May 15, 2014
by Jaime Thompson, CNM, Nurse Midwife from Specialists in Women's Care

Women have much different health concerns than men, and thus require a special kind of care. If you’re a woman, you should consider going in for an annual well-woman exam. During the exam, a midwife will provide essential screening procedures to ensure that you’re in good health. This Mother’s Day, the medical professionals at Overland Park Regional Medical Center urge you and your female family members to schedule well-woman exams with skilled and experienced midwives.

Pelvic Exam

We offer our female patients a safe and comfortable environment free of judgment and embarrassment. During the pelvic exam, one of our midwives checks for abnormalities of the external and internal genitalia. The pelvic exam is especially important for women who are sexually active, and can help identify the presence of a sexually transmitted disease. The exam is also important for identifying uterine fibroids and other conditions that could potentially interfere with reproduction.

Breast Exam

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in American women. During a well-woman exam, one of our midwives will carefully examine your breasts for signs of abnormalities and teach you how to perform your own self-examination. If you’re over 40, your well-woman exam may include a mammogram, which can provide a more detailed look at your breast tissue.

Pap Smear

One of the most important aspects of a well-woman exam is the pap smear, during which a midwife collects cells from the patient’s reproductive organs and has them analyzed. A pap smear is important for detecting the presence or cervical cancer or human papillomavirus infections that could potentially lead to the development of cancer. For the sake of your own health and your family’s peace of mind, it’s important for you to visit an experienced midwife for an exam as recommended by your physician.

To learn more about what’s involved in a typical well-woman exam, contact Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Our Certified Nurse Midwives have years of experience providing compassionate healthcare services for women in Overland Park and the surrounding areas. Call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (800)-386-9355 for more information.

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