HCA Midwest Health - December 12, 2017

Where are short ER wait times in Kansas City?

Long ER wait times are a thing of the past at HCA Midwest Health. See our average emergency room wait times or text ER to 32222 to find out how (not) long you will wait.

Our goal is to get you home and healed. To accomplish that, our first step is to get you in and seeing a provider as quickly as possible. We will get you with a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner within minutes, not hours.

When we know why you are here, we’ll get you somewhere your treatment can start—it might be a bed or might be a chair if you don’t need a full bed and gown. We will start talking to you and getting things going—an IV, some meds, work orders for tests, all of which helps us evaluate your condition, make a diagnosis and begin treatment quicker. While you are waiting for results, we are working with you. We know that the reason most people come to an ER is pain of some sort. We will try to make you comfortable and then when we get your results, make you better.