HCA Midwest Health - July 21, 2017

My doctor is recommending I get a hysterectomy. I heard this is a real doozy of a surgery. There's nothing better?

Knowing that you might need surgery can be scary. You think you know what it means—a long hospital stay, lots of pain and a long time to recover, even when you get home. But talk to your doctor. Hysterectomy does not have to be the painful surgery you remember your mother or grandmother enduring.

There are several ways to remove the uterus during surgery. Open abdominal surgery is probably what you are thinking of as ‘a doozy.’ But the state-of-the-art surgical method — daVinci® robotic surgery — is available right here at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. It’s less invasive, less painful and makes your recovery much quicker.

The less invasive hysterectomy uses the daVinci® robot. During the procedure, your doctor makes tiny incisions and uses the robot to insert thin tubes, which contain a camera and surgical instruments. That means your doctor can visualize the surgical area and control the device, which can make precise movements and can rotate more than a hand can. The camera helps the surgeon see more and control the robot to perform the hysterectomy. A surgery with smaller incisions means less blood loss, less pain (and need for pain medication) and less time in the hospital.

Our surgeons have worked hard to make robotic surgery a good option for our patients. As a result, Overland Park Regional Medical Center has been recognized as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology by the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) and Surgical Review Corporation.

The type of hysterectomy you get depends on several factors. Talk to your doctor. The daVinci® procedure may be right for your surgery and our team is ready to help.

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