HCA Midwest Health - November 07, 2016

It’s estimated that more than 3.5 million kids are treated for sport-related injuries a year. And the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons estimates that teenage athletes are injured at about the same rate as professional athletes. Fortunately, with the right education, conditioning and training, many sports injuries can be prevented.

Centerpoint Medical Center is committed to keeping the athletes in their community healthy and active. In addition to working with the Silverstein Eye Center Arena and the Missouri Mavericks hockey team, they are involved in educating Kansas City area athletes, coaches and parents about sports-injury prevention and recognition.

Centerpoint Medical Center works with the following schools to provide athletic training services:

  • Independence School District
  • Oak Grove School District
  • Grain Valley School District
  • Lexington High School
  • Metropolitan Community College

The Centerpoint Sports Medicine and Wellness clinicians work to teach proper strength building, flexibility, conditioning, endurance and training techniques to help. They teach about proper hydration and attend all sports games. They may also provide the following services:

  1. Pre-participation physicals to ensure athletes are able to withstand the physical demands of their chosen sport
  2. Concussion baseline testing, to accurately measure the extent of an injury that occurs
  3. Tracking and analysis of performance statistics so that safety training and programs can be further improved

Participation in sports has significant benefits for kids, teens and adults. Aside from the exercise itself, sports can offer valuable life lessons about the importance of teamwork, accountability and perseverance. With the right education and training, we can help make our community sports safer and more enjoyable.

To learn more about the Centerpoint Sport Medicine and Wellness and read patient stories, visit Centerpoint sports medicine.