HCA Midwest Health - March 13, 2017

Aren't podiatrist supposed to wash hands before and after your care?

Yes, they are. And HCA Midwest Health requires that all doctors, nurses, clinicians and staff wash their hands prior to examining a patient and after the exam has been completed. However, we realize that when hand-washing is done prior to entering the patient room, it can leave patients wondering.

Such a simple task shouldn’t be causing you worry when it comes to your care. We have brought up this concern and advised all providers to wash or sanitize their hands within the view of the patient. This way your energy can be focused on issues that actually deserve your attention.

HCA Midwest Health takes infection control seriously and uses proven methods to minimize the risk of infections. Some of these methods are as simple as having alcohol based hand sanitizers and disinfection wipes readily available, as well as vaccinating patients and employees for the flu. Other methods are in the form of innovative programs, such as Reduce MRSA, Reduce C difficile and Universal Decolonization, aimed at reducing antibiotic resistant organisms.

If you are ever concerned about an issue that has the potential to impact your health, even something as simple as handwashing, do not hesitate to raise your concern. After all, it’s your health.