HCA Midwest Health - November 29, 2017

Having a sibling (or parent) with diagnosed breast cancer puts you at higher risk for developing breast cancer. It is one of the many factors doctors look at when assessing a person’s breast cancer risk.

The Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health offers the high-risk Breast Cancer Prevention program. It can provide patients with the examinations, screenings, counseling and prevention recommendations they need to reduce their breast cancer risk. It is recommended that adults with a family history, or other factors that increase their risk, complete a screening and prevention program.

Having a 1st degree relative (parent, child, sibling) with breast cancer does increase risk. But so does having multiple 2nd or 3rd degree relatives (aunt, uncle, cousin) who were diagnosed with breast cancer under age 60. And, in fact, risk is increased with a family history of breast, ovarian or prostate cancers.

Other factors that increase the risk of breast cancer include:

  • Mutation of the BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 genes
  • High breast density (on mammogram)
  • High bone density
  • Personal history of breast cancer or abnormal breast tissue on biopsy
  • Beginning to menstruate before age 12
  • Starting menopause after age 55
  • Hormone therapy after menopause
  • Not having children, or having your first child over age 35
  • Not breastfeeding
  • And a variety of other factors

A Sarah Cannon HCA Midwest Health Breast Cancer Prevention Care plan includes a patient consultation designed to help women understand their short and long-term risk. If needed, patients will have genetic counseling and testing as well as other procedures or tests to get a full picture of their short-term risk. In the end, patients receive a personalized plan for risk reduction, follow-up and additional screenings.

For more information on genetic counseling, or to make an appointment, call (816) 751-3775 or (913) 236-8003. You can also take our online Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, Schedule a Screening Mammogram online or get helping finding a doctor that understands the issues you are facing.