HCA Midwest Health - July 31, 2017

Why do hospitals say they provide health care if they just treat you when you’re sick? Don't they actually provide sick care?

When you’re healthy, maybe hospitals are just buildings you pass on the way to work. Or maybe you’ve only gone to hospitals to visit loved ones when they needed care. But helping the sick is only a part of what hospitals do.

At HCA Midwest Health, we are committed to your care and your health. We have many people working hard to keep you healthy in many different ways.

Our network doesn’t stop with our hospitals. HCA Midwest Health is a healthcare network serving the Kansas City region, with urgent care centers and physicians’ offices where you need them. Health takes on its true meaning in those offices, where we are working with you for wellness visits and keeping you and your family up to date on vaccinations, annual flu shots and more.

HCA Midwest Health is proud to help support community-based organizations throughout the greater Kansas City area, which are dedicated to keeping us healthy. Every year we contribute countless volunteer hours and millions of dollars to organizations like the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, local domestic violence shelters and many others.

Our doctors and health teams are also dedicated to keeping the community they serve healthy. That’s why they regularly provide health tips and timely information. You may see them on the local news or you can find a lot of those tips on our website.

We also offer free health risk assessments you can take on our website. These short assessments can help you learn about your risk for cancer or heart disease and what you can do to lower your risk.

Nurses On-Call is our health advice and physician referral service available to everyone free of charge. You can call (800) 386-9355 at any time and talk to a registered nurse. They can answer questions, like whether or not you need care for an injury or a fever. Or even answer general health questions like if you are drinking enough water. They can also help you find a physician or make an appointment with one. They can be a great resource to help you manage your health.

We’d love to never see you in one of our hospitals and we’re committed to helping you every way we can to make that happen (or never happen). That means being committed to your health and your care, in every part of your life.