HCA Midwest Health - November 17, 2017

Hospitals can be scary for kids. Shouldn’t there be a dedicated area tailored just for them?

Hospitals can be a scary place for many adults, and even more so for children. They are filled with many people they don’t know, machines and processes they don’t understand and they might not know why they aren’t feeling well.

Overland Park Regional Medical Center, part of the HCA Midwest Health system, recently (Summer 2016) opened an inpatient unit and emergency room specifically made for, and dedicated to, treating kids. We also offer a wide array of Outpatient services and clinics. Our medical team is led by doctors and specialists who are experts in pediatrics. And all of the staff has pediatric specific training. This means the doctors, nurses and staff all understand and support each child’s physical, social and emotional needs, while in the hospital.

The Inpatient Unit and Intensive Care Unit have private rooms, each with their own bathroom and sleeping area for the child’s family. The rooms provide privacy for the family and allow for them to sleep close and in comfort. Having parents or other family members nearby can be comforting and reduce a child’s anxiety level, which can help to speed recovery.

Our Child Life staff is academically trained to help children cope with the stress of healthcare and hospitalization. They use age appropriate communication techniques such as medical play, to explain procedures to patients and their siblings. Distraction techniques are used to reduce any pain or discomfort during exams, tests and procedures. Child Life also help coordinate play time in the playroom, or by bringing toys to the child’s room. Play can help relieve stress by letting children continue an aspect of their normal life while in the hospital.

Our Pediatric Specialty Clinic, Outpatient Services and Pediatric Emergency Room offer easy access to pediatric specialists who cater to children, and don’t just treat them like tiny adults. Our ER offers a calming environment where patients are placed in an exam room immediately and pain management techniques keep your little ones as calm and comfortable as possible.

Overland Park Regional Medical Center and HCA Midwest Health are continually working to improve healthcare for you and your children. To learn more about our pediatric services or to make an appointment, call (913) 541-KIDS (5437).

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