HCA Midwest Health - October 02, 2017

There is so much changeover between hospital staff that no one seems to really know the patient. My father-in-law has lung cancer and recently had to stay in the hospital. No one could tell that his coloring was suddenly bad one day.

When a loved one is in the hospital it can be scary and overwhelming. It’s understandable to be aggravated if you believe the level of care is not up to standards. The doctors, nurses, techs and other medical professionals at The Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health work hard to provide the care your loved ones need. Part of that is getting to know everyone in our care, observing them closely and understanding their current health and treatment goals. Lung cancer patients (like your father-in-law) also have the option to have a dedicated Nurse Navigator who can go with them to appointments and are involved in their care throughout treatment.

Nurse Navigators see their patients often, sometimes daily, so they really get to know their patients—and sometimes their families—personally. And they stick with their patients throughout the cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. That means they are available to guide people through their care and learn what each person wants or needs from a navigator.

Nurse Navigators understand each stage of care. They can explain what’s going on and what to expect from a specific treatment like chemo or radiation—helping patients and families through their journey.

Nurse Navigators may also encourage patients to speak up about their concerns, advocate on their behalf and can rearrange treatment schedules and appointments to make sure issues are addressed quickly.

Your Nurse Navigator can even collaborate with other navigators and with medical staff at all our facilities. If someone has to go to another hospital for a procedure, the Nurse Navigator will contact the staff there to help provide seamless care.

Learn more about our Nurse Navigators or call AskSARAH with a question: (816) 448-7737.

can contact our thoracic cancer Nurse Navigators at the following HCA Midwest Health locations:

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